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Welcome to the Ganja Beach


Let the adventure begin!

6/12 Winner - Dylan Krummenacker

Please send an email to to claim your prize

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3 ways to win

2 DAYS 6/12-6/13

the hunt

Complete all of the clues & to do's below to be entered in a chance to win the treasure chest. You must show a Ganja Beach representative, at the booth, all of the pictures and screen shots.

the hunt

Post the pictures of your hunt today to Facebook for an additional entry to win the treasure chest.

Tag the following to enter: @GanjaBeachRadio @Nugtopia @TheHempWorldExpo #TreasureHunt #GanjaBeach


Your Entry

Thanks for submitting!

Clues & To Do's

Rules: Follow the clues below to unlock a chance to win the Treasure Hunt presented by Ganja Beach. Collect all of the pictures of each clue/task to show to the Ganja Beach representative to claim your entry. Three chances to enter that are listed above. Winners will be drawn the days of the event. You must complete the whole scavenger hunt to enter. You will need a smart phone to participate. You must sign up for the mailing list to be elligible for the treasure chest prize.

Clue #1 - There is a treasure hidden amongst the art. To get in the hunt take a picture of the painted chest to start.

Clue #2 - Take a picture of yourself with one of the social media influencers walking around the event

Clue #3 - Let's not be Koi about where the chest may be hiding. Take a picture of the event vendor who likes swimming with the fish. 

Clue #4 - Here's an easy one. Find a Hemp World Expo logo and take your best photo. 

Clue #5 - Throughout the Levels of this hunt you will find taking pictures is the stunt. Find the vendor that changes the competition and steps up a Level. 

Clue #6 - I'm the most Calm Vaper in the room. Take a picture of the business card and hand it back :) Eco friendly

Clue #7 -Just like hansel and grettle we are leaving you Crumbz to help you find the next picture to take. Cough Cough

Clue #8 - Your next picture will involve a fun little vacation down the coast. If you need some seeds, hop in the van and take a long ride

Clue #9 - What do you call the act Prohibiting sales of illicit goods. One vendor has this message at its core. Take a picture. 

Clue #10 - Go take a picture next to the Moon. You can only do this while it's Shinning with your Chocolate and vanilla shake

Head back to the Ganja Beach booth to verify your pictures and make sure your entry is valid. Please make sure to fill out the form above to so we know how to contact the winner. Thank you again for your participation. Good luck.

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