CannaBest Brands by @CannabistheCreator

A true Herbgasmic experience requires quality products from honest brands, a dash of knowledge from caring educators, and a bit of modern day magic.

The CannaBest Brands series by @CannabisTheCreator is an Instagram showcase of the most innovative products, and will feature insightful educators, as well as highlight the brands that show true integrity within the cannabis industry.

The logo is comprised of a cannabis leaf shaped crown, encrusted with three gemstone "nugs". Each symbolising a different standard of excellence that the CannaBest brands embody and embrace. These are the brands that will introduce the world to the Cannabis Renaissance and influence the future of marijuana.

Innovation New technologies, ingenious products. These brands help us to better understand cannabis and how to effectively use the plant as medicine.

Insight Helpful educators, informative advocates . These are the brands that educate us on the art and science behind the cannabis plant and the many benefits of this herbal medicine.

Integrity Trustworthy companies, top-quality services. These are the brands who put customers over profit; dedicated to helping us become better and healthier versions of ourselves through the use of cannabis.

If you would like to know more about the CannaBest Brands please visit the link below:

If you would like to nominate a brand, please contact or DM @CannabisTheCreator on Instagram!


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