Cannabis Community Raises the Vibes

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

As a Cannabis supporter and legalization petitioner for years now, I’ve hit the streets and met many in our cannabis communities. This spectrum of personalities expand over quite a range, yet there’s one similarity between us; that love energy!

                You know what mean...

Ever met a new person and be like, “Yo, you smoke weed? Then you are relieved when they reply, “Oh yeah!” Boom, know you know you’re on the same wavelength of love energy and respect. At the very least the one thing we have in common is, witnessing the collapse of the stigma against the plant.

                We’ve witnessed amazing progress together, even if for some us its not happening fast enough. Nevertheless, we’re all in this together. We speak up for the natural and safe healing energy from this sacred plant. We are way to woke for poisoning our avatars.

                As we grow as a Cannabis Community, each one of our organizations has a chance to make a positive impact on our local communities. Take for example, the Crohn’s Charity Service Foundation. For 9 years now, they have lobbied for medical marijuana. They have not only assisted Morgan & Morgan to make things happen but also have assisted a long list of patients. More recently, they have opened a food bank feeding hundreds of local families fresh organic produce. Now that’s making a difference in the community. Heart Chakras open, y’all!

                Keep on fighting the good fight, fam. Continue to come together to lift each other up. Encourage your fellow man to get involved. Evolve as a collective and ascend together. That’s what we came here to do.

Much love,

Yoga Mama 


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