Cannabis Kids who grow up to be Cannabis Activists

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Today’s generation of revolutionaries have not come to this crossroads of legal reform without a sacrifice. The stigma that poses pressure on change is one battle we are continuing to fight through education and leadership. For me, personally I have witnessed the chastisement of humanity and cannabis through the eyes of a child to adulthood.

In May of 1988, when I was 8 yrs. old, my father was sentenced to 8 years of prison for trafficking cannabis near Orlando, Florida. Previously from his decade of experience in the black market marijuana business he was a police officer for the Tampa Bay Police Department. He believed with this venture he could provide a life for his single and most precious love, his daughter. The result was, the system took his presence away for 3.5 long years. (released early for good behavior) The emotions of missing a parent is immeasurable. Weekly collect calls, mailed letters and limited visitations kept us connected.

In 1997 I had the opportunity to present our story in my high-school publication, Spectrum Magazine as a feature article and to deliver an oratory on legalizing cannabis for the debate team. I was nervous yet excited to present my points of why it should be legalized and to consider shedding the stigma. I received an A for my efforts.

In 2018 I became a Medical Marijuana patient in the great state of Florida. I then began teaching what some might call Ganja Yoga, Yogajuana or CannaYoga. Alongside my yogi homie, psychiatrist and fellow Sannyasin, Dr. Andrew Ferber, I have introduced many coping skills to many SWFL patients, simply by showing them how to use somatic based movements and ancient philosophies of Yoga to manage anxiety, chronic pain and everyday life. Doc & I published a piece together on combining Marijuana, Movement and Meditation in Revive Cannabis Magazine, April 2019 issue.

Today, I continue to highlight the benefits of Cannabis to my children, students, family, friends and followers. I support Norml, Regulate and my fellow Canna Warriors out there. I am always teaching Yoga in Nature customizing my classes to the energy that arrives. (Yes, we’re zoomin now in 2020 but hey we make do.) As an ordained minister of ceremonies, I host Healing Circles, CannaEvents & Weddings. The most exciting things lately is I have recently applied to cultivate hemp on my rural ag zoned property in Alva, Fl. Here’s hoping for a pasture full of Hemp! As a contributor of Ganja Beach Radio, I would like to invite you to check out Ganja Beach Radio’s Podcast 3- Medical Miracles segment where I share a personal story about how Cannabis & Psilocybin has improved the health and wellness for a cervical spinal cord injury. Feel free to subscribe to the Yoga Mama blogs.

As we look to the future, we can use our past experiences as lessons, motivating us to push that positive energy forward and raise awareness, heal our people and ascend on this timeline together.

Keep Shining.

One Love,

Yoga Mama


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