Certified Hemp Seeds

Important info to know before you grow!

Florida hemp farmers have their hot little hands on their hemp licenses and now they want to grow! The state requires hemp farming business to strictly use Certifed hemp seeds. That sounds simple, but may require further research so you don’t waste your time with seeds that run too hot. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing significant profit.

The Sunshine State will likely have more indoor grow operations than outdoor due to weather conditions. Those pesky hurricanes can give a cultivator something to contend with in business planning. Keeping pests at bay is another battle.

There are companies that have thought it all out, been there-done that and have patented grow designs with everything down to a science. Let’s not make mistakes out of the gate, friends. Consult an experienced team of horticulturalists and Cannabis Seed Traders; like Indowellness of SWFL.

This type of business consultant can assist you with getting on track; walking you from seed to sale! All you have to do is book a consultation by contacting indowellnesscenter@gmail.com

This is going to be necessary as our state begins to gain traction in the hemp industry. Education will save you time, money & frustration.

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