COVID & Cannabis

COVID Caution & Cannabis

I wanted to learn more about cultivating cannabis from the business aspect of things. So I got in contact with my connections in Las Vegas to tour the largest busiest dispensary in Nevada.

Yours truly enjoyed the entire experience from seed to sale! So much fun & very enlightening! While the dispensary was poppin like a club with hype music and more choices than one needs, I was permitted to tour their grow facility.

First of all, the security guards take their job serious AF. Why Bc the business as was fined over $35,000 for some mask slip ups sooo they ain’t messin around. That buff slips down your schnoze and you will quickly hear, “Mask up!”

As I arrived to the Planet 13 grow facility I noticed their heightened COVID security; I stepped out of the car I put my mask on. I was greeted by a security guard asking my name and writing it down. My temperature was checked right there in the parking space.

Then I was escorted through the door and signed in. I was given a white lab coat, hairnet, shoe covers, washed my hands and put on gloves.

It was obvious throughout my tour of the facility that everyone was taking necessary precautions to keep their customers safe.

This gave me peace of mind for myself and the cannabis community.

We will get through this, together and with our green in hand. Thank goodness. 🙏🏼

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