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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

In April of 2020, The Sunshine State finally allowed for the Hemp Cultivation in Florida. This was a huge win for Florida Farmers! The application for the license is specific but not complicated and best of all, FREE! The only cost is the level 2 fingerprint and background check which runs about $50. There are not many limits on who can apply.

Hear this, you do not have to be a Fl resident. You do not have to own the property proposed in the application. The property must be either zoned agricultural or industrial; not residential. No homegrows yet, homies. Let’s keep working at that. Join NORML’s fight to legalize it. https://norml.org/fl-2/item/norml-of-florida

In the mean time, apply to grow hemp! You don’t need as much experience as you may think.

The Florida Hemp Council is the support team for all Fl Hemp Farmers. Connect with them at https://theflhc.org/

Whether you want to grow 3 plants or 3 million plants, this really is a no limit license. There are rules though and the state will be watching. For instance, 2 wks prior to harvesting your crop the state will send out representatives to sample the crop and ensure it’s sampling contains less than .03% THC. If the crop is higher, the state will test again at harvest time. If the crop fails yet again the Fl Hemp Council will come assist a final sampling and testing. If it does test higher than accepted, then crop will have to be destroyed. Therefore, you kind of need to know that you are doing.

Getting certified seeds to start a crop may be one’s first thought after being licensed to cultivate hemp. There are a small number of seed traders in Florida. Fortunately for Florida Farmers, we have Nunee Jones of the Crohn’s Charity Service Foundation. She is one of the Certified Seed Traders and Horticulturists holding a Hemp Cultivation License. She can be reached at Yvette.crohnscharity@gmail.com

There have been over 1,000 applicants and many have received their license, like yours truly. Some will grow for profit and some will grow for heart. My mission in the hemp industry will be education. My small 11 acre SWFL ranch has plans to expand its productivity to include Hemp Cultivation primarily growing seedlings, clones and distributing seeds through the Crohn’s Charity Service Foundation. Together, we’ll continue to share the light. The more we know, the more we’ll share with you. We are a community….a cannabis community.

To check out the Hemp Cultivation Application go to The Fl Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services website https://www.fdacs.gov/Cannabis-Hemp/Hemp-CBD-in-Florida

Let Grow, Florida!!!

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