Ganja Beach Nerds

🤙 Hey this is Herbgasm Ricky and I am excited to introduce Ganja Beach Nerds!

If you grew up a 80's baby or a 90's kid then chances are you're a nerd, just like me. Not sure if you qualify? Take our easy three question quiz below to find out if you are a Ganja Beach Nerd.

  1. Do you like games? We aren't just talking about video games, board games and card games too. If you can play with it, then it counts as a game.

  2. How are you at collecting things? Got any comic books? What about Funko Pop, or Yu-Gi-Oh cards, oh maybe some Pogs!? Even if you're just a simple tech hoarder, then you too you might be a nerd.

  3. Which side are you on? Red team or Blue team, Alliance or Horde, Tom or Jerry! Slytherin, Targaryen, Gryffindor, or Lannister. No matter which house you claim, Ganja Beach is about fellowship. "One plant to rule them all." #420friendly

⏳ calculating .... .... ....


But wait, much to learn you still have my padawan. This is just the beginning...when nine hundred years old YOU reach, look as good YOU will not.

Complete your training by preordering one of our LIMITED EDITION 8-Bit shirts! Use the link below.

Ganja Beach, the best place to geek out. Join us on our quest for Nerdvana!

#GanjaBeachNerds #NerdyandProud


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