Ganja Meditation

Updated: May 17, 2020

So Doc recommends Cannabis for your anxiety. You swing through the dispensary and grab your favorite relaxing strain. After toking a phatty then what? Hit up them Oreos with your name on them? Nah, rather, go find that sacred comfy space. Sit down, shhhh...time to take a ME MOMENT.

Here, take notice of all your senses, one by one. Listen to the rhythm of your own breath. Feel the air expanding in your lungs. Notice your chest and belly move up and down. Make an intention if that’s what you need to start out with...or just sit back and witness.

My dear friend, psychiatrist of 50 yrs, Dr. Andrew Ferber says,

Cannabis “allows one to see that the mind is suffering excessively and unnecessarily”. That’s where you let go a bit.

Doc also believes that, “The essence of all techniques of meditation, is to help you get to the point where you can witness.” He often points out a simple reminder, “Meditation is a happening not a doing.”

So chill. Don’t judge yourself so hard. I hear people all the time like, “I just can’t meditate.” Or “ I dont know how to meditate properly.” That’s when I’m like, whoa- you’re making this way too complicated, fam. Just be.

Watch the movie happening in your mind’s eye. When you are lifted with Ganja you may notice that it’s easier to let go and tap in.

Enjoying Cannabis in a sacred and ritualistic manner allows one to respect Mother Nature and themselves by not abusing her gifts.

Keep them vibes high y’all!

Yoga Mama 🙏🏼


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