Ganja Moms with kids at home during Lockdown tips

Ganga Mama is in the house and the kids are hype! What does one do? 

We got you! Family Yoga rituals may just be the answer. While we are all spending some much needed quality time together, let’s make the most of it! Learn something new! Bond with your loved ones. Ground and reset the energy of your tribe. 

Here are some easy tips to stay grounded and connected as a family:

Make a Morning Art activity where you each can be creative. This doesn’t necessarily have to be painting a work of art, rather mending something you may have thrown out, repurposing something and allowing your creative side to take flight.

Do something quiet: hold a space for quiet time in the house. Dim the lights- reduce the energy and recharge.

Do something loud!: Get your dance party on even if its just you and da kids! Be silly, act a fool, hell Tik Tok it if ya want to! Laugh with your kids. Those are the moments that will etch themselves in your memory bank.

Cook!: Get your ass in that kitchen and try something new. You have the time, you have access to any recipe of your choice. Learn something from your heritage and pass it on down the line. You could be the link between the known and unknown.

Take a sunset walk daily: Make it your new thang! This could be your time to reduce anxieties, sort out thoughts, breathe fresh air! 

Just a few simple reminders from Yoga Mama

Tara A Mina 

Registered Yoga Teacher

Mama of 2


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