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Once you enjoy Cannabis concentrates you’re spoiled 😏. Especially those of us who have relied on cannabis as medicine for sometime & have built a bit of a tolerance.

The device those who cultivate your cannabis and use regularly to toke their concentrated medicine is a Huni Badger.

🔥No need for a torch, my friends. 🔥

This is your all in one. Hit your rosin, shatter or crumble... you will be good to gizzo. 🙌🏽 Charge the battery. Click 5x to warm, wait a few seconds & tap your concentrate as you inhale. Enjoy fresh cannabis flavor instead of end of the bowl ashtray mouth crap.

I was introduced to this while visiting Planet 13 in Las Vegas. Gotta say, I am fan. ✨

You can grab yours at

Planet 13 https://www.planet13lasvegas.com/product-category/vaporizers/




Totes worth it. #CannabisConcentrates #hunibadger #planet13 #yogamama

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Your welcome,

Yogajuana Mama


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