Plant the Seeds for Tomorrow...

Ganja Beach Moms and Dads are making the most of their time working from home with their littles, teaching them home building skills such as gardening, cooking, re-purposing household items and exercising together, all while keeping up with their homeschool assignments.

Families are kickin’ it old school and realizing more and more what’s really important in life. They understand this is the time to pass on positive coping skills to children.

Giving tiny humans tools they can rely on in their toolbox will be the endless gift of a lifetime. Where to start? With you…Be an example of light.

Take time to communicate with your child but also, be quiet and listen. Allow children to communicate without criticism. Practice keeping that throat chakra spinning.

Observe, children are little buddhas, masters of this existence and highly intuitive. It is only when we restrict their thoughts, movement and choices their heart chakras are negatively affected. Childlike inhibitions are often lost too soon due to the seriousness of the environment around them. Children will teach you as much as you teach them.

Cultivate something special together. Whether that be taking care of your garden together or creating something new like building a tree fort or creating a recycled art project, get your hands into something and get creative with the family. The quality time spent strengthening bonds and making memories are opportunities to grow and harvest the love.

Make the most of your time at home; planting the seeds for tomorrow.


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