Stircrazy Tips to Ground your Energy during Quarantine

Going stircrazy yet? This lockdown can be overwhelming for some of us. Here are some quick tips from Yoga Mama to balance out your energy.

Go outside, touch the ground barefoot, hug a tree, trim the shrubs, plant something, connect with nature.

Observe. Just stop and be present where you sit. Take it all in…highlighting in your mind each sense and emotion you experience.

Journal. This could be written, painted, recorded….express yourself. Keep that throat chakra in check.

Create a sacred space. Find a corner of the yard, your room, your porch, somewhere you can design a peaceful set up where you can allow yourself to just be. Be vulnerable, be comfortable, be confident. 

Cathartic Meditation- I don’t mean just sit there and be quiet- nope, actually the opposite! Shake it off, literally shake your limbs, hips, head – shake the low vibes off! Cathartic Meditation can be dancing, making noises like a tasmanian devil, hooting, hollering…it can be drumming, singing, running…whatever it is for you- get it out. Don’t hold it in.

Breathwork- Breath is life. So get your breath on! In through the nose- out through the mouth- like the tide rolling in and out. Focus on your breath. Deepen the work by laying on the earth, with your torso propped up on pillows. Try toning by pounding your flat hands on the ground and moaning several times. Sounds crazy but it will help get you there. Find that breath and stay committed to oxygenating your soul for a good moment. An hour if you can hang. 

Love yourself! You are the Universe experiencing itself. Reflect on the miracle of life and know your magic is needed here. So take up space! 

Share your light! Sharing is caring and caring opens up that heart chakra. At first it may feel awkward if you aren’t used to it. But after it starts spinning you will soon see the benefits of love in your realm. 

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