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Tara aka YOGA MAMA

is a Yoga Instructor &

Life Insurance Agent out of SWFL She has shared a testimonial on Ganja Beach Radio regarding

natural treatment modalities on the Medical Miracles segment.

Her best friend Luke Phagoo who is recovering from spinal cord injury was involved in a diving accident July 2019.

He injured his cervical spinal cord at C6 and C7. He is now quadriplegic and paralyzed from the chest down. At first he had no movement, no physical reaction to touch, no sensation.

Since leaving his 6th hospital,

Luke has detoxed himself from all pharmaceuticals, while using plant-based remedies and positive energy work to heal himself.

With the assistance and supervision of his doctors, Luke has layered many natural remedies like; cannabis, acupuncture, chiropractic care, yoga, breath work, sound healing, meditation, turmeric, B vitamins, fish oil, magnesium, Sea moss, raw honey, elderberry, Senna, Shungite water along with a balanced diet to focusing on reducing inflammation.

The practice of microdosing mushrooms like lion’s mane and other varietals that include psilocybin seems to shifted his body into further connection.

Recently, with all of these natural therapies Luke has regained some sensation, his lower limbs are responding more to stimuli and he has even lifted his legs!

We may not be able to pin point what exactly has helped him the most. Though we do know the good vibes sure do help the attitude and warm his heart.🏼

To check out Luke’s story you may join the tribe on Facebook at

#TeamLuke Or at HopeHelpLive.com

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Also check out clips from Luke’s journey on YouTube at TeamLuke2020

Featured vids:

1/11/20 One month out of rehab, home detoxed and using cannabis as medicine; Luke begins moving his lower extremities in reaction to touch.


After 13 days microdosing small amounts of psilocybin Luke’s begins to lift his lower extremities.


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