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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Hemp Cultivators nation wide are rallying to increase the 0.03% THC level in hemp flower to 1%.

This intention could save crops, businesses, jobs and the industry as a whole. It’s more difficult than you might think to raise an entire crop within this ridiculous threshold of 0.03%. Many hemp farmers are having to destroy entire crops when their plants “run hot”.

Here, in Florida, farmers are about to get a taste of hemp and soon will realize it’s not an easy task. Florida recently approved hemp cultivation. The Fl Hemp Council relays that many farmers will get their certified seeds in the ground by this September.

The thing is, hemp seeds that grow well up north will not grow the same in the south. Different climates, different results. We will see crops being destroyed by the state due to “hot” crops that run higher THC levels.

To save the hemp farmers from failure and to increase the medicinal value of plants raised we need to make a change.

The chance is here, my friends...

Check out the VOTE HEMP - 1% petition. Please read, support, sign and share!

Text of the Petition:

Hemp is important to the future of farming in the U.S. and will create farming and manufacturing jobs for sustainable and healthy USA grown products. The 2018 Farm Bill authorized hemp production but used an outdated definition of hemp that does not work for farmers or the hemp industry. The current definition limiting hemp to 0.3% THC has proven unworkable forcing many farmers to destroy their crops because they were slightly over the limit. We need Congress to change the definition of hemp to allow up to 1% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) so that farmers can grow hemp crops without fearing that they will later have to destroy them.

Please add your name to the petition urging Congress to redefine hemp as up to 1% THC and share this with your friends.

To Congress:

I support changing the definition of hemp to allow up to 1% THC in the plant. Many farmers have had their crops destroyed due to the outdated definition of hemp. The hemp industry is creating good jobs in farming and manufacturing and we need to ensure the industry can continue to grow and compete with other countries that allow higher THC levels. I urge Congress to change the definition of hemp now so that no more farmers will lose their crops.

Read and sign Vote Hemp’s 1% Petition:


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