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What's the difference between Marijuana and Medical Marijuana?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

It's how you use marijuana in my opinion. When we speak of marijuana and medical marijuana were talking of different versions of the same plant. Some strains are higher in THC concentrations and some are lower, some have CBD in higher concentrations, and some have lower. Each train has its own potential therapeutic effect. As I frequently say, I don't need to tell you how to have fun with it, just go have fun. In this case the question that I have asked is what makes marijuana medical in nature.

When I work with patients my goal is not to intoxicate them, but rather to alleviate the symptoms by using the least amount necessary of whatever medicines we are using. I do believe in micro-dosing, and I use ratios of CBD and THC to minimize any complaints of psycho-activity.  These are strategies that I have developed through my own research and training. I have gathered this information over the course of years, and worked with hundreds of patients to increase my skill and abilities in our consultations.

I believe what is being called for is an unlearning of the prohibition era bias against cannabis, and the construction of a new teaching Paradigm for clinicians in an effort to quickly implement this "rediscovered" knowledge. This applies to both Clinicians in training at medical schools, as well as clinicians in practice who must undergo continuing medical education courses on a  routine basis. However, in order to accomplish this, we must have the cooperation of the US government. Marijuana must be rescheduled, so that it is no longer on schedule one. Even the US government owns patent for the medicinal properties of cannabinoid compounds.

What is the reason for the reluctance to make this change on the federal level? Bills have been circulated for a very long time in Congress and the issue has been continuously avoided.  The toll of human lives is unconscionable. If we were to create a statistical graph that depicted the lives lost per minute or day to cancer alone that could have been saved with medical cannabis, I wonder what that would look like.

This Paradigm Shift needs to occur. Unfortunately we have a political system which gives Implicit power to those in office. Career politicians have vested Financial interests in not letting marijuana be rescheduled on the federal level.  We have a rare opportunity this year, which is an election year, to remind the politicians who are running for office what the people of this country want. Over two-thirds of the people in this country want to change the laws Regarding marijuana. The irony Is that we have a very large group of people in this country who do not exercise their right to vote. A good question might be how many of these people would want marijuana Made legal in this country?

With the collaboration of people, our voice grows louder. Education Is an integral part of this process of change. We are the core of a revolution. When we speak, and in particular during this age of the internet and social media, Our voice gets Extremely Loud.

Back to my original question of what makes marijuana medical in nature. When a person uses a cannabis product in addition to traditional therapies, or as an alternative to it. When a person is educated as to the properties of cannabis products, forms of ingestion, Etc., They have choices in the treatment approaches that they choose. In my personal experience a 33 mg dropper of CBD tincture has a similar effect to two Ibuprofen tablets of 200 mg each. So the medical part of medical marijuana means a structured and logical system of dosage, administration, and use for these products.

In my studies I have found other clinicians across the world who have imposed scientific methods on the use of cannabis. There is a lot of research being conducted outside of this country, and the body of knowledge continues to grow. The inability to conduct institutional level peer reviewed research within the United States is an absurd waste of the incredible resources of this country. I believe that many new groundbreaking therapies could be developed as a result of the concerted efforts of our Higher Learning institutions in teaching hospitals. Imagine using some of our government supercomputers to run data on a phytocannabinoid, flavonoid, and terpenoid compounds in the cannabis plant and compare those with the data on different cancer strains. Do you think one of these supercomputers could come up with ways to match strains to varieties of disorders? I think there's some hope.

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