Yoga In Nature

Updated: May 17, 2020

🙏🏼With respect to all my Yoga Studio Homies, in my human opinion, yoga is better enjoyed outdoors! I know, I know, y’all like, “right off the bat, - look at her judging!“ Hahaha not so much really, more like embracing the gifts we have been blessed with here on Earth. 🌍 It seems easier connect with the Mother Nature when you emerge yourself within her bountiful beauty and endless power. Here, you may just finally recognize you are the Universe experiencing itself. 💫

In the great outdoors, Nature’s symphonies will often create your ambience and allow you to tap into many of your overlooked and under appreciate senses, naturally calming and energizing your being. No music required.

In this space, you can heal. You have the chance peel away the crap that doesn’t serve you. You can take a moment to forgive those that you need to forgive. Lift burdens from your heart. Send love to yourself and share it with the world. Let those energies within spin! Chakra Time! 🙌🏽

When you are in this state of being you are tapped into your machine and spirit. Now in the zone expanding your practice and your experience. There are many easy ways to enlighten your yoga practice through out the years. Follow my blog for more Yoga Er’Day type tips.

Love always, Yoga Mama


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