Ganja Beach Cooking with CBD Chef Mary Adams - PRE-ORDER

Ganja Beach Cooking with CBD Chef Mary Adams - PRE-ORDER

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Ganja Beach Media presents The Ganja Beach Cook Book with 50 recipes from renowned CBD Chef Mary Adams. This cookbook consists of recipes for appetizers, soups/sauces, main entrees, and desserts. 


A long time foodie and classically trained Chef, Mary has been a proponent of alternative medicine for a long time. Having been taught the value of the use of whole food instead of packaged foods, she knows YOU are what you eat. #URWhatUEat

CBD came into Mary's life when she was looking for natural supplements to help with PTSD, depression, pain, and anxiety.  Prescriptions were not the answer, although they were the only answer given by Doctors at the time. 

Mary has been her own Crash Test Dummy and has tried all kinds of lotions and potions, settling on Hemp and CBD for many reasons.

If you ask Mary about hemp, take a seat and order a're gonna be here a while.


Live cooking demonstrations with Chef Mary found at Watch as Chef Mary live streams a recipe from the cookbook almost every week. 

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